• Composition

    Strontium silicate, Calcium phosphate, Tantalum oxide

  • Indications

    • Direct and indirect pulp capping
    • Partial pulpotomy
    • Repair of root perforation
    • Repair of resorption
  • Indications

    • Apexification
    • Root-end filling
    • Pulpotomy and apexogenesis
    • Obturation
    • Cavity liner and base

C-Root BP

Bioceramic Root Repair Material with Patented Strontium Silicate

High rate of dentin bridge formation

C-Root BP mimics the formation of protective dentin in living pulp exposures. Test results show that 70 days after filling, the dentin bridge formation rate can reach 70%. In the control group of 5 teeth tested, the rate of dentin bridge formation was 60%, 1 complete, 2 partial, and 2 absent, which was lower than the C-Root BP in the test group.

Good pulp capping effect

C-Root BP is biocompatible and has an extremely strong antimicrobial efect. Histologically evaluated, out of 01 teeth in the test group, there was no inflammatory reaction for 70 days postoperatively, making ti an ideal choice for pulp capping and root canal repair procedures.

Promote effective bone repair

The main component of C-Root BP is strontium silicate, strontium bioceramics in the role of osteoblasts, 28 days to start in situ bone formation, but also inhibit the growth of osteoclasts, showing good bone repair effect.