C-Root SP Strontium-Based Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

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Outstanding osteogeni & apical healing capacity

For cases with apical lesions, C-Root SP is unparalleled in accelerating bone healing. Its ability to create a strong
apical seal, coupled with the osteogenic potential of stron- tium silicate, promotes long-term healing and ensures successful outcomes.

Superior Biocompatibility & Post-Op: No Pain

C-Root SP, utilizing strontium elements instead of calcium silicate, offers strong biocompatibility and helps alleviate inflammation and pain. A recent study found that C-Root SP demonstrated superior cytocompatibility in cell proliferation compared to other traditional products.

Excellent flow & Sealability

C-Root SP particles, being small and hydrophilic, can navigate the entire canal anatomy, including small lateral canals, fins, and cul-de-sacs. They can penetrate dentin tubules, promote remineralization with strontium substitution, bond to dentin and obturation materials to minimize voids, and effectively tomb eliminate microbes, preventing their recurrence.