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C-Root Dental Medical

C-Root Leak Seal

C-Root Leak Seal

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C-Root Leak Seal is filled into the rubber dam gap to seal the gap and play an isolation role effectively. It adheres to wet surfaces such as rubber dam, gingival tissues, teeth, and metals, making it the ideal choice when securing an adequate seal proves challenging with compromised teeth and/or roots.



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  • Versatile Solutions

    Fix rubber dam leaks and provide a protective seal during porcelain repairs

  • Precision Application

    Apply strategically into undercuts, below implant bars, and precision attachments

  • Prevent locking issues

    Safeguard against cold cure acrylic or impression material filling empty spaces

C-Root Leak Seal

  • No setting time, Rinse with water after use
  • Ideal for intricate work, adeptly blocking out spaces during precision-driven impression procedures
  • Liquid-proof and liquid-resistant, forms a robust protective seal, shielding the gingiva from potential exposure to peroxide or hydrofluoric acid
  • Seamlessly adheres in challenging wet environments, including underwater and in the presence of saliva