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C-Root Dental Medical

C-Root EDTA Gel

C-Root EDTA Gel

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A water-soluble gel base designed for chemical and mechanical cleansing of root canal preparation.



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  • Gel formulation comprising 17%~22% EDTA and 5%~12% urea peroxide, offering lubricating properties and water solubility
  • Real-time lubrication to prevent file breakage
  • Microbubble-assisted chip evacuation during cutting debris
  • Adheres to instruments and aids in the mechanical preparation process
  • Eliminate the stained layer to facilitate easier access by softening calcification

  • The water-soluble foundation leaves behind no residue
  • Enhances the precision and dependability of readings when utilized alongside apex locators, designed with a specialized formulation to ensure minimal electrical conductivity
  • High-quality disposable single-use syringe tips enable precise placement in the canal and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
  • Facilitates smoother and quicker mechanical reaming by leveraging EDTA to chelate the mineral components of dentin