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C-Root Dental Medical

C-Root SP | Strontium-Based Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

C-Root SP | Strontium-Based Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

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C-Root SP is a premixed and injectable bioceramic Root Canal Sealer with a patented and innovative strontium silicate formula, specifically designed to seal the complexities within the root canal system during obturation.

This innovative sealer not only promotes effective healing and mineralization but also ensures safe and effective permanent root canal filling and sealing.




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  • Composition

    Strontium Silicate, Zirconia, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Hydroxide

  • Function

    Root canal sealing and permanent filling. It is suitable for lateral condensation/compaction technique, single cone obturation technique, and vertical condensation technique

  • Indications

    Permanent filling of root canal after it has been cleaned and disinfected properly

C-Root SP

Injectable Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer with Patented Strontium Silicate

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Apical Healing Capacity

For cases with apical lesions, C-Root SP is unparalleled in accelerating bone healing. Its ability to create a strong apical seal, coupled with the osteogenic potential of stron- tium silicate, promotes long-term healing and ensures successful outcomes.

Biocompatibility & Post-Op: No Pain

C-Root SP, utilizing strontium elements instead of calcium silicate, offers strong biocompatibility and helps alleviate inflammation and pain. A recent study found that C-Root SP demonstrated superior cytocompatibility in cell proliferation compared to other traditional products.

Strong Sealability

C-Root SP with Strontium Silicate demonstrates the ability to deeply penetrate dentin tubules, generate plate-like strontium-doped hydroxyapatite, facilitate remineralization through strontium substitution, establish strong bonds with dentin and obturation materials to minimize voids, and proficiently eliminate microbes, thereby preventing their recurrence.

Multiple Obturation Techniques

Based on recent research findings, a notable statistical difference was observed in the middle third of the teeth when comparing obturation techniques with other sealers—except for the C-Root SP, which stood out by maintaining consistency.

Excellent Flow

C-Root SP particles, being smal and hydrophilic, can navigate the entire canal anatomy, including small lateral canals, fins, and cul-de-sacs. C-Root SP has excellent flow, demonstrated through its effective handling of diverse cases, including those involving lateral root canals, partial bifurcations, and apical delta cases.

Easy to Observe

C-Root SP with strontium silicate exhibits strong radiopacity with a bright radiographic contrast. Calcium silicate appears relatively grey with moderate radiopacity

Single-Cone Technique with C-Root SP